Our Story

Dexter and Karla Buck were born and raised on the Hi-Line of Montana.  With Dexter also working as a cattle buyer and Karla as a nurse, the pair kept very busy raising their three children and working to earn their keep through farming and ranching. 

When Dexter and Karla founded Bear Paw Incorporated, they set out to grow a true family business that their children and grandchildren could be a part of.  This dream was realized through the purchase of Bear Paw Livestock, Bear Paw Farms and Bear Paw Meats, LLC.

Bear Paw Meats purchases the cattle found in their feedlot from producers across Northern Montana.  Helping the economic vitality of Montana has always been an integral part of their vision.  

In 2007, the Bear Paw Farms partnership with their son, Travis and his wife, Jenny, was formed.  Here, they grow corn, barley and alfalfa that is used to feed the cattle in the feedlots for Bear Paw Meats.  They also purchase roughage and grains from Northern Montana producers.  This allows them to ensure the cattle are fed quality roughage and grains before going to process.

In 2006, with the help of their daughters Ashley and Bobbi, along with Bobbi's husband, Larry, Dexter and Karla purchased Bear Paw Meats.  Here, they created a top-notch facility for producing quality meat products.  In late 2007, the addition of a retail location in Havre rounded out their goal of a true farm to table business.

From the ranch to your dinner table, this creates a circle of quality from start to finish.  At Bear Paw Meats, bringing quality, Montana Bred, Montana Fed beef to your table is what we do.

Deck and Karla Buck
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