Wine Club! 

What is Wine Club?  Well, it's a fabulous way to try exclusive top shelf wines from around the world!  We select 2 reds and 2 whites. 

This quarter starts March 1st through end of May.

Our quarters are:  Jan-March ~ April-June ~ July-Sept ~ Oct-Dec


Our goal is to raise awareness and knowledge

of a variety of wines for you at a great value


Each quarter you may choose 2 wines from the 2 reds

and 2 whites we have selected for $40.00.  Or if you are having a

hard time making that choice, you can have all 4 wines for $75.00.


Please place your order to our email address:

The wine you have chosen to order will

be ready for pick up towards the end of July 


Please do not hesitate to check back to see if we have extras.  "These wines will not be available to be sold off the shelf"

How do I become a member?  It's simple, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and get signed up!  We'll contact you

within 48 hours to complete your registration.

3rd Quarters Wines:


red 2.jpg


white 2.jpg