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A Word From Your Neighbor: Clear Creek Livestock/Clear Creek Angus

Clear Creek Livestock/Clear Creek Angus is a family owned and operated, 5th generation ranch located in the heart of the Bear Paw Mountains.

The ranch was established in the late 1800’s by Winfield Young. It was and still to this day remains a working cattle ranch. We are the 5th generation to work the ranch and continue to strive to make advancements with genetics, management practices, and overall production.

This ranch located in the steep, rugged, Bear Paw Mountains was well known for raising quality commercial Hereford cattle. In the late 1980’s my grandpa Bill Young and parents Ted and Barb Crowley purchased there first Angus females From Rice Ranches of Harrison MT. From there they transitioned the herd from Hereford to a primarily Angus based commercial herd. My parents Ted & Barb have now grown that commercial Angus herd to just over 650 commercial females.

In 2002 Clear Creek Angus was launched as my wife Sara and I purchased our first purebred Angus cows. From those 6 head of cows, we have now grown the registered Angus herd to 250 mother cows and host an annual production sale in Chinook MT, as well we offer up females for sale via private treaty.

The combination of the Purebred and commercial herd has allowed us to put our purebred genetics to the test in a commercial environment. We know what works by putting these genetics to the test ourselves. If these genetics don’t work for us, they won’t work for others either. This is one of the advantages of having both purebred and commercial cattle.

Our goal in producing cattle is to not just chase fads or single trait select. We want cattle that will succeed at all aspects of the industry, from the maternal side, to high performance high gaining cattle, all the way to the finished product on the rail. These cattle have to work for all parties involved not just us or the feedlot but for the consumers as well!!

We look forward to producing high quality beef for years to come and hope everyone is able to enjoy the work and pride we put in to creating a high-quality product.

~ Teddy Crowley

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