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Feeling under the weather? Try some Soup Bone broth!

I have been making beef soup bone broth for my family for a few years. Anytime my kids start to feel sick or we've been super busy and I know their immune systems are gonna be working overtime, I make some broth and have them drink some for a few days or I make a stew with the bone broth. I can't say for a fact that it works or not, but with the research I've done and the information I've gathered, I know that it can't hurt! And it's super tasty!

My personal recipe is:

- Large pot

- 2 to 3 beef soup bones (make sure you get the ones with marrow in the center)

- 3 large carrots - cut in 1/3's

- 1 onion - chop into 1/4s and break apart

- 3 celery stalks - chop into 1/3's

- garlic - 4 cloves sliced in half

- 1 green and 1 red pepper - gutted and sliced in 1/4's

- water - I fill the pan to about an inch from the top.

- Alpine Touch seasoning - you can use whatever seasoning you like, I just like that one.

- - bring to a boil and then simmer for at least 8 hours - -

- - Strain all ingredients and fill jars with broth for later use - -

Here is a link to a great article that gives you some information on the health benefits of soup bone broth:

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