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Committed to a Thriving Montana

Bear Paw Meats is committed to bringing our customers high quality products while supporting the economy of Montana.

With that commitment, we purchase our beef from ranches around North Central Montana.  As a top beef producing state, we believe some of the best beef in the world comes from right here in our home state. These ranches are as committed as we are and pay particular attention to their individualized programs. They take great pride in the cattle they produce.  

We feed a strict, punctual program that has been developed over 20 years in the industry.  We produce most of the feed ourselves, which allows us to oversee the care and management of the crop production and harvesting.  When necessary, we also utilize our neighbors along with local elevators to fulfill the needs of our feedlot.  Much of this seed is produced right here in North Central Montana as well and that is something we are really excited about!

Here at Bear Paw Meats, we have a long and extensive feeding program. We allow 150 to 180 days to grow the cattle slow and insure the best possible treatment of the animals.  We take pride in strict monitoring, rationing and timing of our program.  Every week we hand sort the finished beef for harvest.  

Dry aging is an "old" and valued technique used to tenderize and flavor the products.  We dry age our beef for 21 days then cut the product to our customers specifications.  Our butchers are particular about the beef that is harvested for our retail sales and each beef is inspected thoroughly.  

Another aspect of our operation that we are particularly proud of is that we ship the beef across the state to specific restaurants and retailers that we value a great deal.  We want the quality of our product to be evident with the help of the chefs we choose to work with as well as the retailers we do business with.  

Supporting our fellow Montana businesses is a huge part of who we are. We achieve this not only through purchasing cattle and grains locally, but through the storefront we have developed to showcase some of the pride Montana has to offer in their amazing products.  From grains to cheese and coffee to milk, we believe in the Montana producer and are proud to be a part of an amazing community that strives to help each other and this beautiful State of Montana thrive.

Montana made, Montana bred, Montana's what we do.

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