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How to Order a Beef at Bear Paw Meats

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Whether you are interested in a quarter, half or whole beef, or single cuts, it is one of the most economical ways to fill your freezer with quality, Montana bred, Montana fed beef. Plus, it is so easy! To help the process go smoothly for you, here are some answers to FAQ's about ordering our beef.

How much does it cost?

Current pricing based on hanging weight (includes bone and fat) for a quarter beef is $3.50/lb. Half beef is $3.30/lb. Whole beef is $3.25/lb. Please note that these prices are subject to change. A whole beef typically weighs around 700 to 750 pounds.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Depending on the time of year, it generally takes about two to three weeks for us to have your order ready. We'll give you a call when your order is ready.

What cuts can I get with my order?

Front quarter cuts include rib steaks (or prime rib if specified), arm roasts, chuck roasts, ground beef, short ribs and stew meat. If you prefer more ground beef, we can provide that in place of short ribs and stew meat.

Hind quarter cuts include T-bone steaks (or tenderloin if specified), sirloin steaks, rounds steaks or cube steaks, tri-tip steaks or roasts, rump roasts and ground beef.

How will my meat be packaged?

We use vacuum packaging which increases the case-life of the meat. The amount of meat in each package will be based on your specifications. The meat will then be frozen and separated into three to five boxes for order pick up and easy transfer to your home freezer.

I am ready! How do I order?

Contact us at either our Chinook (357-3119) or Havre (265-2440) location and we will help you create your customized order. Questions we will ask include:

  • How thick would you like your steaks?

  • How many steaks per package?

  • How big would you like your roasts? (Typically 2 to 5 lbs)

  • How much ground beef per package?

  • Would you like patties and if so what size and how many?

  • Would you like any stew meat?

  • Would you like any short ribs?

  • Would you like any flank, skirt or flat iron steaks?

  • Would you like any round steaks or cube steaks?

  • Would you like the heart, liver, tongue and/or tail?

Online Ordering

We have the option of ordering online for Whole, Half and Quarter beef/pig/lamb as well as single cuts. To order is pretty simple, click on the "Meat Ordering" tab and then select "Single Cuts" for individual cuts or general cut whole, half or quarter beef; "Beef Ordering" for a customized whole, half or quarter beef; "Lamb Ordering" for a customized whole or half lamb; or "Pig Ordering" for a customized whole or half pig. Then, fill out the questions provided and hit submit! If you have trouble or questions don't hesitate to give us a call!

At Bear Paw Meats, bringing quality, Montana Bred, Montana Fed beef to your table is what we do. Fill your freezer with #montanbredmontanafed beef today!

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