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Food & Summer Celebrations

Updated: May 16, 2018

Summer is a season filled with family, friends and celebrations. Graduation parties, weddings, family reunions, Memorial weekend and the Fourth of July, there is always a reason to throw a fabulous get together with family and friends. At the heart of any celebration of course, is the food!

Whether you are planning an informal outdoor barbecue or a summer evening cocktail party, food planning can be one of the most overwhelming parts of it all. Whether you are shopping in one of our two locations or custom ordering from our smokehouse, Bear Paw Meats has an amazing selection of products to make it easy for you.

Hamburger Patties

Our all Montana beef patties come standard in 1/4 and 1/3 lb sizes. If 1/2 lb patties are your thing, we would be happy to do up a custom order for you.


The dry aged process we use helps make our steaks tender and full of flavor. Our flank and flat iron steaks are fabulous to marinate and grill. Season up a t-bone, sirloin or tenderloin and you can't go wrong either. We have a variety of cuts in stock to choose from. Custom orders are also available.


Roasts are a perfect choice for easily feeding a large amount of people and you can even cook them on the grill. We always have a variety available in-store. We also take custom orders for seasoned or smoked roasts too.


Smoked brisket is always popular at summer parties. Don't have a smoker? We've got you covered with a wonderful in-store selection as well as custom orders.

Hot Dogs & Polish Sausages

Our all Montana beef hot dogs are not your average hot dog. Regular, cheese or jalapeno gives you a flavor to please everyone. Our juicy Polish sausages are always a hit and come in regular, cheese and hot.


Let's not forget the other white meat. Our pork shoulder roasts and pork chops are tasty for any gathering. Pork shoulder roasts can also be custom smoked.


Wanting to add some surf to your turf? We stock a variety of wild caught Alaskan seafood including halibut, cod, salmon, shrimp and even sushi grade tuna.

Beer, Wine & Snacks

Our craft beer and wine selection is fabulous. We also carry wines in a can that are perfect for outdoor celebrations. Crackers, chips and cheese are also a must for summer gatherings and of course, we've got you covered there too.

Celebrate summer with less stress! Visit our Chinook or Havre location to shop for your next summer event or call us at 265-2440 or 357-3119 to special order today.

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