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How to Order Meats for Your Celebration

We are all about helping you have less stress and more celebration at your graduation, wedding or summer gathering. Our specialty meat products are easy to order and perfect for any event. Here's how you order:

Choose your meat cut.

Baron of Beef, Brisket and Pork Shoulder are perfect for those large gatherings. Feeding a smaller crowd? Smaller roasts, steaks and pork chops are a fabulous choice. Standard price per pound applies.

Add seasoning, smoke process or both!

For an additional $1 per pound, we can add seasoning and/or smoke process to our meats for you. Our standard seasonings to choose from are Garlic Peppercorn, Hickory, Cajun and our own Simple Spice Blend of garlic, seasoning salt and pepper. Why just stop at seasoning? Our smoke process makes it even easier for you to prepare the food for your gathering.

Want it pulled or sliced?

We can do that too! For an additional $1 per pound, we can take one more step out of your food preparation by either pulling or slicing the meat for you.

Give us a call!

Call our Havre or Chinook locations at 265-2440 or 357-3119 to order for your upcoming celebration. Have a special request? Let us know! We would love to help!

Bear Paw Meats Seasoned or Smoked Meats = Less Stress and More Celebration. Call us today!

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